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Legal practitioner Registered with the OAB/SP under no. 157,730 in July 1998, practicing law, mainly in the areas of Intellectual Property Law, Digital Law, Data Protection, Compliance and Public Infrastructure Law.

Member of the Ethics and Discipline Court of the Brazilian Bar Association/São Paulo Section, Third Class (since 2004), having exercised the functions of Advisor to the Presidency, and currently, exercising the function of Rapporteur of disciplinary proceedingsttc (since 2008).

Acts as DPO Data Protection Officer of large structures.

Acts as Compliance Officer.

Judicial Expert on Intellectual Property at the São Paulo Court of Justice.

Legal Director of the Brazilian Institute of Hapkido.

Effective Member of the Instituto dos Advogados e São Paulo, where he integrates the Study Commissions on Politics and Social Media and Data Protection of the Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo.

Member of the São Paulo Lawyers Association nº 72.511.

Member of the Technology and Innovation and Data Protection Commissions of the OAB/SP.

Corporate Research Consultant.

Reviewer and speaker on Data Protection, Intellectual Property and Digital Law.

Participated in numerous courses, seminars and professional development seminars.

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