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Graduated from PUC/SP in 1993, with experience in mergers and acquisitions and foreign investments, specializing in Intellectual Property Law involving the transfer, assignment and licensing of copyright, know-how, trademarks, patents and software.

Specialist in Environmental Law and Public Health from the Public Health College of SP - USP, working in environmental due diligence, structuring of business involving biotechnology, biofuels, protection of cultivars and development of sustainable business plans for the development and commercialization of sustainable forest management in the Amazon.

Correspondent for Felberg Advogados Law Firm in San Diego - California since 2005 in cases related to foreign investments in Brazil and the USA.

Master of Science and Environmental Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, including the TMP-Technology Management Program, for the creation and development of new technology companies.

He has extensive experience in business structuring and international investments between Brazil and the USA.

Director of corporate development and intellectual property for Gravity Network, a business accelerator focused on the development of technology companies based on the principles of multiple success indicators (quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit & Purpose).

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