Mauricio Felberg


Partner at Felberg Advogados Associados Law Firm, registered at the Brazillian Bar Association, São Paulo Chapter (OAB/SP) under No. 307130 in 2010 and has been practicing law since then, especially in the areas of civil litigation, family and inheritance, corporate, contractual and fashion law.

Has participated in numerous professional development courses, including international programs, at Columbia University and Oxford.

Member of CBAr, the Brazillian Arbitration Committee.

Member of the Mediation Commission of CARB (Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of the Brazilian Rural Society).

Former member of the Ethics and Discipline Tribunal of the Brazillian Bar Association / São Paulo Chapter.

Member of the São Paulo Lawyers' Association - AASP (Associação dos Advogados de São Paulo) since 2011.